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monday, may 28. 4:43 pm pdt

So Lindsay, Jason G, Leah, and I went and saw Pirates 3 last night. I give that movie a B-.  The only real reason it kept me interested for 2 1/2 hours was the fight scenes. Very well done, better than the first two, but the story sucked major balls. They tried to make it too complicated and crazy, and never really explained anything. Also, there is a dumb-shit marriage scene at the end during the battle in which the orlando bloom and what's her face are fighting while reciting their vows....LAME!

I've had a good memorial day weekend so far. We went to jamie's for a cook out on saturday, then to lindsay's aunt's for a cookout yesterday and tonight we are meeting a guy i use to work with and his wife for dinner. They are good peoples. Andy and Erika's wedding is this weekend in Santa Clause, IN. That should be a good time, it will be nice to see all of those guys from college, even though i saw most of them at the bachelor party last saturday (which was awesome. The Red Garder actually had hot girls working that night). That's really all i got right now squeez-ers.

-Handsom Dan
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how do you make your favorite drink?

wait until winter time, go to a liqour store and try and find Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale. It's like drinking heaven

What ridiculous things did you worry about as a child?

aliens coming into my bedroom and stealing me.

wednesday, may 2. 10:28 pm pdt

So through some prodding, i'll post on this site finally.

I honestly forget it is here, but i will make more of an effort to check it out. I just bookmarked it ok...see...OK!

Last weekend was a lot of fun. It was Lindsay's birthday and it was the NFL Draft. We had a lot of fun going out in broadripple and then on sunday lindsay and I went to white river park for the afternoon. Then that night we saw Blades of Glory and it was pretty funny.

The draft went really well, and I wont pretend to know much about the players we drafted, other than Gonzalez. I just dont know the college game as well as the pro game, but over the last couple of years I have watched myself become more and more interested in college game day. The best thing about the draft is listening to Mel Kiper Jr. The guy is passionate about the draft and he is just this cartoonish character that goes on and on about every guy who ever played college ball, i really enjoy that.

Other than that, not much has really been going on, same old stuff.

There, my first post...Happy Ken-tone?

-The Doyle
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yeah, what he said!

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you gotsa start posting shit mang.

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